The Vista Panorama camera bracket

The Panoramic Vista Bracket (Patent pending)


The Panoramic Vista Bracket with a 1DS2

Now introducing the extremely strong and sturdy Vista MK1V panorama bracket by Panorama brackets.We are proud to offer these brackets to the photographic public and we do believe that this bracket is the best,strongest and most versatile bracket for straight panoramic stitching. It is also the easiest to use. The Vista Panorama bracket also comes with a 30 day original condition return policy. The Vista has been redesigned by removing any bends in the metal to keep every angle at a perfect square 90 degrees for perfect accuracy. These brackets are made to last you many years. Each bracket has 35 taps and holes drilled. It is made of extremely strong yet super lightweight black anodized aluminum made to last a lifetime. Don't settle for anything less. Large durable knobs and nylon washers are used to hold the camera to the bracket and to the tripod. The bracket is mounted to any 1/4inch tripod with a rotating head or quick connect.These brackets can be used with all digital cameras starting with a distance from the base to the center of the lens of 3/4 of an inch or 1.9cm. The Vista panorama bracket can also be used with all 35mm sized cameras with or without a motor drive, medium format or even large format cameras. If a film camera is used, the film is scanned into the computer and then stitched with computer software. The bracket can be used with a wide variety of lenses from wide angle to telephoto to zoom lenses. The bracket is specifically designed to keep the nodal point of the lens over the rotation point of your tripod so all the pictures line up when the panoramic is stitched. The bracket can be quickly be assembled and disassembled in seconds and placed in your camera bag. It is also extremely easy to use. The bracket includes instructions on setting up your bracket and finding the nodal point of your lenses.

Why you need a Panorama Vista Bracket

For panoramic photography, you need a panoramic bracket when you are going to stitch images together. A tripod is designed to rotate a camera around the tripod mounting hole of the camera. To take accurate panorama pictures, it is important that the camera be mounted that allows for rotation around the optical center or nodal point of the lens. This allows each image to be lined up perfectly. If you stitch images where the camera is rotated around the tripod hole rather than the optical center of the lens, you images will not line up properly. Once the images are taken properly with the Vista panorama bracket, the images can be stitched together with available computer software. Many photographers use panoramic heads to take wide vista panoramas (single row stitching) and some use the brackets to take 360 degree QTVR photos (multi row stitching) which create an image that is 360 degrees in every direction up down and sideways. The Panorama Vista bracket is for wide vista panoramas. Very few use panorama brackets to make 360 degree QTVR photos. We designed the Panorama Vista Bracket without QTVR extensions to reduce the complexity of the and to allow the bracket to be very rigid. For those who want to take wide vista panoramas simply and easily with no frustration, this is the bracket for you. We developed the current design over a period of 3 years. The Panorama Vista Bracket is the easiest bracket to use for taking wide vista panoramas. The Panorama Vista Bracket can be used with any compact camera to a Canon 1DS mark 2 and any camera in between. The Panorama Vista Bracket is designed to meet the needs of the amateur to professional photographer. The Panorama Vista Bracket will accomodate the widest number of camera and lens combinations possible. The Panorama Vista Bracket is used with your tripod with a regular panning head. You attach the Panorama Vista Bracket to your tripod head and while panning your tripod head, you simply eyeball each overlapping image in your camera viewfinder.

The image below was taken with the Panoramic Vista bracket, a Canon 10d and a series of seven images that were later stitched in the computer making it a 10 inch x30 inch 300 dpi print.

Here are some other images that are perfectly lined up.

Customer image

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Weight 0.80lb/370gr

Nodal point adjustment 5 inches/127cm

Camera center point adjustment 1/2 inch to 4 inches/12cm to 102cm

3 points to connect camera.

The Panoramic Vista Bracket (Patent pending)

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How to find your nodal point.